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Further information

Database of advisory services and AKIS in the EU

This database provides an overview of core data describing advisory services and AKIS in the EU-27. It can be searched by key words in one or several of its columns.

The contents are based on the individual country reports and the respective author's evaluation of the situation. It cannot represent the multi-facetted nature of AKIS and advisory systems but it is a simplified overview meant to help structure the rich material in the inventory. It should always be read in conjunction with the relevant sections of the country report (see pdf links). There is a certain variation that comes about due to partners and sub-contractors interpreting terms differently (e.g. fragmentation, dominant, private) and due to the fact that the same labels are given to organisations in different countries although their structure and function might be completely different (e.g. chambers of agriculture). The database was last updated in February 2015.

Please let us know what you think, and in particular if you spot any mistakes. You can leave a comment using the form (scroll to the bottom of the table), if possible providing a reference or source.

For a geographical visualisation of the data please see the map.